Clean Desk Policy

The benefits of a clean desk policy

clean desk policy

A clean desk policy might sound like something that you tell primary school students to stop them getting their lunch all over their exercise books, but it has a real impact on a workplace environment. The policy doesn’t really refer to leaving rubbish all over your desk – although this is a bonus! It refers to employees leaving sensitive data on their desktops for the prying eyes of all.

Things that are included in most clean desk policies are asking all pieces of technology to be locked and shut down completely when not in use, asking documents with any client data on to be stored away and removing all sticky notes with any passwords.

Easy IOS Compliance

ISO 27001/17799 is a code of practice for information security. A clean desk policy works to support a company’s compliance with IOS and the UK’s Data Protection Act.

Reduces Time and Money Costs

Many companies, when implementing a clean desk policy, couple their training with encouraging workers to do most of their work on the computer. They then see a fall in company costs as there is no need for employees to use the level of paper that they do. Equally, time costs are reduced with less time spent on filing and sorting through files. Apparently, assuming workers in your organization earn $80,000 a year, a large organization loses approximately $2.5 million per annum.

Discourages Prying Eyes

It is a well known fact that if you leave your diary open, someone is going to read it. Why would they have lockable diaries if not? This is the same for passwords, personal data and sensitive information and yet many employees leave their data lying around. A clean desk policy discourages people from taking other passwords and stops them viewing information they should not.

Reduce Stress

Most importantly, a clean desk policy avoids situations where an employee is stressed. This could be through misplacing an important document or through accidentally having their client’s data shared. This will no longer happen because all documents will now be saved to the computer and haven’t been left open for all eyes.

So why wait? Implement a clean desk policy today.

Using Embroidered Workwear in the Workplace

A works uniform is ideal to keep a consistent look to your workplace. Using embroidered workwear is an easy way of providing a uniform to your staff and can be very cost effective. Having your company logo embroidered onto an item of clothing will help to increase the professionalism and profile of your business.

The majority of machine embroidery is done using link stitch embroidery and often computer controlled with the designs preloaded. This is usually the method used to create embroidered workwear for staff.

Using machine embroidery is usually a quick process and a fast turn around time means your staff will be outfitted with a uniform as quickly as possible.

Another advantage of embroidered workwear is promotion and advertising. This is especially true if your staff go to events and your brand could be seen by potentially thousands of visitors. This works out as a very low cost form of advertising and is usually a one-off cost unless more clothes need to be purchased for new staff.

Reach Out for CCTV Installers for Business Security

Reasons to install CCTV

cctv installation

The United Kingdom leads the world in terms of CCTV camera usage. This is backed up by many providers who offer CCTV installation and these services. You have the choice to choose the best provider for you. There are a number of five star providers in the area which provides quality services in the most economical way. Go for them and enhance your business security.

Businesses use CCTV for varied reasons. Some use them to monitor how work is done in their organizations. The amount of work done in organizations can also be observed by business owners. This makes evaluation easy.

Benefits of installing CCTV

CCTV installers can also ensure they detect crime in their organizations using electronic security systems. Property can be protected by business owners by use of this technology. This is possible since they capture the images of thieves and burglars. This ensures identification of the wrong doers.

Customers are probably the most important people to your business. Without them then business is reduced to nothing. Installation of the cameras protects the customers by deterring impending trouble as they are within the business premises.

Business security is important to prevent any losses related to theft. With the changing trends in business and technology, manufacturers have come up with CCTV cameras to guarantee businesses security. However, there may be fake installers who may put in place counterfeit cameras which may not meet the expected standards.

Things to consider

What do you consider before buying a CCTV for your business? Go for CCTV installers who have been proven to install the latest technology based cameras for businesses. There are top companies like Centrix Electricals Limited which have a good reputation. The companies will ensure that the expert who installs the cameras for you meets the minimum quality standards.

It is no surprise that CCTV installation is highly demanded in Birmingham city. This recording is legal and those installing the cameras should use them solely for the purpose they have installed them for.