Inspection of Pallet Racking

Inspecting pallet racking is essential for any business using storage equipment on a regular basis. An annual inspection needs to be carried out in addition to regular in-house inspections.

Having someone in-house who has attended a SEMA training course doesn’t necessarily provide them with the relevant qualifications and insurance to be able to carry out an annual inspection.

SEMA is an organisation which oversees the design, installation and inspection of storage equipment. Warehouses using various types of storage equipment such as racking, cantilever racking, mezzanine floors and shelving.

Racking inspection is required by UK legislation, this states all racking should be properly designed and installed while making sure any pallets are suitable for the type of racking you have.

The first level of reporting should be done immediately by employees. The PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) is the person in charge of racking safety within the company and any issues should be reported to them.

The second level is visual inspections which are done weekly or at another set time based on how large the warehouse is. This is all noted down in a written record to monitor all racking inspections.

The final level is a complete annual inspection by an expert with a report compiled upon completion and given to the PRRS with any action which needs to be taken. A SEMA Approved Rack Inspector (SARI) can be hired to carry out this type of inspection.

The expert inspection report brakes down damage into three different risk categories red, amber and green.

Documentation from HSE doesn’t distinguish warehouse size. Anything from 10 to 10,000 pallets still must be inspected by a competent person within the company.

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