Using Embroidered Workwear in the Workplace

A works uniform is ideal to keep a consistent look to your workplace. Using embroidered workwear is an easy way of providing a uniform to your staff and can be very cost effective. Having your company logo embroidered onto an item of clothing will help to increase the professionalism and profile of your business.

The majority of machine embroidery is done using link stitch embroidery and often computer controlled with the designs preloaded. This is usually the method used to create embroidered workwear for staff.

Using machine embroidery is usually a quick process and a fast turn around time means your staff will be outfitted with a uniform as quickly as possible.

Another advantage of embroidered workwear is promotion and advertising. This is especially true if your staff go to events and your brand could be seen by potentially thousands of visitors. This works out as a very low cost form of advertising and is usually a one-off cost unless more clothes need to be purchased for new staff.