D2 Tool Steel

D2 Tool Steel is a high carbon, it has high chromium tool steel grade, it offers very high resistance and toughness.

D2 Tool Steel is a cold work tool steel. This grade of steel is delivered in a condition that has good machinability, it has high abrasive wear resistance and very high hardness. Once this steel is machined it requires a hardening to achieve the required properties.

D2 Tool Steel is used in many knives due to its hardwearing resistance. However be aware that D2 Tool Steel may rust and stain quicker than a stainless steel blade, because of its elevated chromium content it will offer enough resistance to protect it from the environment, so with minimal care D2 Tool Steel should remain mainly free from corrosion for the lifetime of the steel.

D2 Tool steel is often used to make cold forming and stamping die, it can also be used for punches, trim dies and thread rolling dies for various applications when the main focus is not the strength of the steel.

D2 Tool steel can not be hand-forged, because of the high purity environment it requires.  It requires very high forging temperatures and a strictly controlled temperature with verified pyrometers, it can end up suffering greatly from decarburization if it is not treated correctly.

D2 Tool Steel is considered to be “semi Stainless” due to the high chromium content we mentioned earlier, this is approximately 12%. It can become quite hard to sharpen because it is air-hardened steel.

D2 Tool steel can be very brittle even though it is hard-wearing and resistant if you require something more hard-wearing you could choose spring steel 9260 or 5160or even some kind of carbon steel such as 1050 or 1060.

D2 Tool Steel Knife