Food Metal Detectors

Can a Metal Detector Protecting Food Contamination?

Food contamination is a major problem across the food preparation and packaging industry. Non-ferrous and ferrous metals such as steel and iron can contaminate food lowering the quality of your product and in worse case situations if not processed and decontaminate, the metal within the product could cause health problems. However, a simple application of a metal detector during the production line can make all the difference! But first, how do stray metal and contaminants get in our food in the first place?

Metal Contamination in The Food & Packaging Industry

Stray metals occur within the food primarily from natural causes, for example, specific metals can be found naturally in the environment from soil or water. This can cause Metals to occur as residues in food because of their presence in the environment, as a result of human activities such as farming.

Furthermore, metal contamination can also occur during any stage of food processing due to the use of metal machinery and equipment throughout the industry. Metal fragments and shards can enter the product from tools breaking or chipping while harvesting or even parts of robotic systems that break during processing.

Food Contamination

The Application of a Food Metal Detector

To ensure the safety of both the quality of the product and the customer consuming the product, a food metal detector will be assembled onto a stage of the food manufacturing and packaging process. By using any of the food metal detection solutions you can successfully detect metal contaminants in unpackaged, packaged or bulk goods. Metal detectors will recognise the contaminants during the processing or packaging process to ensure full compliance with any HACCP or food safety standard requirements are metal and all stray metal is removed or discarded.

Benefits of a Food Metal Detector for your Business

With the latest, innovative food metal detector almost any product can be rid of metal contaminants, even products with high moisture content or packaged in a metallised film can be checked.

A metal detector is an easiest and most reliable way of ensuring that your product is of the highest quality and free of any metal contamination as well as having numerous benefits to the running of your business that you might not have realised.

These benefits include:

  • Protect your brand’s reputation – from using a food metal detector your product will be free of all metal contaminants, making sure your product quality is to the highest of standards
  • Waste costs and manual labour will be reduced as contaminants are removed
  • Protect your equipment from damage – Save on machinery costs and downtime
  • Avoid product recalls due to metal contaminants including any associating costs such as fine and brand damage