Thickness gauge

What is a thickness gauge?

A coating thickness gauge is also known as a paint meter. It is a handheld measuring device used to measure the dry film thickness on objects, materials or samples. Dry film thickness is most definitely the utmost important measurement within the coatings industry due to its impact on the coating process, quality and cost. It can also be used to dictate a coatings life expectation as well as the products appearance and performance and ensures compliance with industry standards.

Thickness Gauge

How does a thickness gauge work?

This will solely depend on the type of thickness gauge you choose, however many of them function by measuring the amount of time taken for the sound to travel from the gauge through the material and then to the rear end of the object and further back to the gauge.

Two types of thickness gauge


Ultrasound thickness gauges employ sound waves to measure the thickness of a sample by calculating the time taken for the sound to travel through the sample and then back to the gauge.


Coating thickness gauges are specific for measuring the thickness of non-magnetic and insulation coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

How accurate are coating thickness gauges?

A wide range of thickness gauges are available on the market, and due to this, the accuracy of them will be based on customers experience of the product. It will also come back to the price of the equipment which will further mirror how accurate the gauge is going to be.

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